Plumbing and Heating

Today’s plumbing and heating components have to do much more than simply transport hot water, and Altecnic’s range meets every requirement for every application, from EU legislation to global environmental standards.

With a comprehensive range of products for use within the hot and cold services and both domestic and commercial heating circuits, Altecnic's market-leading approach has brought a number of UK firsts to market. Committed to delivering accredited and compliant products, Altecnic's range of approved radiator valves and accessories is the most comprehensive on the market. From the 'A' efficiency-rated Ecocal thermostatic radiator valve, to the contemporary design of the Eclipse range of manual radiator valves, there's a product to fit the requirements of any installation.

DOMESTIC Plumbing & Heating Range

  • Robokits

    Robokit from Altecnic is the easy to fit, one-stop solution for retro-fitting or increasing system expansion capacity.

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves

    Altecnic offers a complete range of thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) for domestic , healthcare, educational, hotel and leisure facilities. Our TMV are variously accredited to WRAS, TMV2, TMV3 and DTC.

  • Pressure Reducing Valves

    The Caleffi range of pressure reducing valves (PRV) are designed to cover domestic, semi-commercial and commercial applications ranging from 15mm to DN300.

  • Radiator Valves

    The Altecnic range of radiator valves is designed to cover domestic and commercial applications, covering 8 - 15mm, ½\" - ¾\" female BSP.

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve

    We even offer a TMV valve that meets, TMV3, DO8 engineering specification required for healthcare and nursing home applications.

  • Flow Regulation

    Altecnic has developed a number of products which are aimed to help conserve our water resources. Altecnic is committed to reducing our environmental impact and ensuring efficient use water, so we reduce unnecessary waste of water.

  • Thermostats

    Altecnic offers an extensive range of thermostats from world-class manufacturers providing you with solutions from contact to limit temperature control.

  • Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating is not only highly efficient but it also has great design and aesthetic appeal. Altecnic offers a number of solutions for modern underfloor heating.

  • Sealed Systems

    Sealed primary central heating systems are the most commonly used form of heating system throughout Europe and the rest of the developed world. Altecnic's range makes these solutions easy specify and to install

  • Unvented Controls

    The modern hot water system, or unvented systems as they are known, are all for hot water, which is provided at mains pressure.

  • Dirt and Air Separation

    In heating and chilled water systems the circulating water will undoubtedly contain debris which entered the pipework during site storage and construction. Altecnic has a range of market-leading solutions to this common problem.

  • Gauges and Pressurisation Units

    Monitoring of any system is vital to system commissioning and maintenance. The Altecnic range of pressure, temperature and combined gauges allows for multiple of connection options and installation needs.

  • Safety Relief Valves

    Safety relief valves (SRV) are typically used for controlling pressure on boilers in heating systems, on stored hot water cylinders in domestic hot water systems and in water systems generally.

  • Backflow Prevention

    There are legal requirements regulating water installations in domestic, commercial and health care premises. Altecnic backflow prevention systems help you to remain compliant.

  • General Plumbing Products

    Altecnic is the UK's leading provider of high-quality heating and plumbing components. Our extensive range includes market leading specialist components and associated supporting products.

  • Ball valves

    The Altecnic lever ball valve with compression ends is the ideal isolation valve, for use in copper pipe systems.

  • Metering

    Altecnic offer a complete range water meters, single and multi-jet type with wet and dry dial or liquid-filled sealed counter...

  • Hoses

    Altecnic's range of flexible hoses are ideal for use in oil applications...

  • Oil Components

    Altecnic's range of flexible hoses are an ideal range for oil applications...

  • Distribution Manifold

    From mounting brackets to end connections, Altecnic has a complete range of distribution manifolds to suit a range of applications...