Case Studies

We’re proud our products are used on some of the most prestigious projects in the UK & Worldwide.

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We have a vast range of solutions that work to control the temperature, pressure, and safety of water in heating and cooling systems across the built environment. Learn more about the projects our products have been featured on here.

Brewham Lodge, Amber Heating - HIU Case Study

Altecnic recommended the removal of the DHW storage and showed that the DHW requirements could be met by the SATK20307 HIU, that has been specifically designed for heat pump led networks with low primary flow temperatures.  

Carolyn House - HIU Case Study

The SATK32103 HIUs are equipped with Return Temperature Limitation (RTL).  This allows a maximum return temperature to be set on the network.  Once enabled and set, the HIU will control its output into the apartment to ensure that the preset primary return temperature is met. Not only does this mean that each apartment is efficiently heated for minimum cost to each resident, but it ensures that the overall system does not fail due to small Delta T’s and high primary flow rates. 

THE RITZ-CARLTON RIYADH - Caleffi Focus Project

Each unit is set to carry the thermal disinfection of the system with scheduled timing and temperature. This way the users are protected from Legionella bacteria and the system is considered safe.