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2851 Connection and energy management unit, heating versionConnection and Energy Management Units /

The connection and energy management unit pre-assembled in the box enables combining solid fuel generators with another type of generator, which may already be present in the heating system. Main functional features: - Connection of new solid fuel generators (both boilers and residential devices, with maximum heat output of 35 kW, both with open or closed vessel) with other closed vessel generators; - Automatic system management with a specific digital regulator for heating circuits and simple thermal solar system; - Built-in anti-condensation system (optional) for solid fuel generator; - Easy access to components for maintenance; - Practical installation thanks to the arrangement in a box.

Ref Size Flow Rate Connections Temperature Picking List
285150 ¾˝ - M BSP -
285154 ¾˝ - M BSP 45°C
285155 ¾˝ - M BSP 55°C
285156 ¾˝ - M BSP 60°C
285157 ¾˝ - M BSP 70°C