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The pack consists of: Anti-freeze valve The antifreeze valve allows the circuit medium to be drained when its temperature reaches an average value of 3 °C. This prevents ice forming in the circuit of a system, generally with a heat pump, avoiding potential damage to the machine and to the pipes. Differential By-pass Valve The differential by-pass valve is used in systems working with variable flow rates, for example in those making widespread use of thermostatic valves or 2-way motorised valves. It ensures a flow recirculation proportional to the number of valves being closed, while limiting the maximum differential pressure value generated by the pump. Dirtmag Quattro Multifunction device with dirt separator and strainer, including compression ends. The presence of these two components allows for continuous protection of the generator and devices from any impurities that form in the hydraulic circuit both at the time of system start-up and in normal operating conditions.
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133-1064 Heat Pump Pack

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