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The Altecnic Dirtmag IQ electrolytic scale reducer is not a water softener but induces coagulation whilst the water hardness remains unchanged. It works in the same way as a small battery where the copper body (cathode) and internal zinc (anode) are connected via mains water (electrolyte) to alter the structure of the hardness salts. As charged zinc ions are emitted from the anode they form a nucleation site for colloidal particles (such as hardness salts) to group around, rather than clinging to heat exchangers or pipe-work. Limescale deposits are more common where heat is generated and can have lasting damaging effects on the efficiency and life of the boiler. The Dirtmag IQ electrolytic scale reducer benefits a range of appliances including kettles, taps, showers and boilers. Note: Water Utilities cannot be held responsible for the quality of water passed from this unit.
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114-9003 Electrolytic Scale Reducer 15mm Compression

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