Heat Networks

Efficient, reliable and compact

The drive to conserve finite fossil energy stores and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings to meet latest regulations, has pushed the modern building services engineer to create specific central plant designs. This allows for the easy and efficient integration of renewable energy sources, such as CHP, solar, heat pumps, etc. A central plant system needs to offer a reliable and efficient way of producing hot water, controlling the heating and metering of each individual flat, apartment or house. Altecnic’s range of Heat Interface Units (HIU’s), consumer modules and metering products, do just that.

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COMMERCIAL heat networks Range

  • Heat Interface Units

    Altecnic SmartSat electronic heat interface units (HIU) are the UK's most efficient HIU, form a volume producer, offering a number of market-leading features including floor drying setting, integral pre-payment and digital commissioning.

  • Flow Regulation

    Altecnic has developed a number of products which are aimed to help conserve our water resources. Altecnic is committed to reducing our environmental impact and ensuring efficient use water, so we reduce unnecessary waste of water.

  • HIU accessories

    Altecnic's award-winning SmartSat range of heat interface units is fully supported by a comprehensive range of accessories to make specification and commissioning efficient and effective...

  • Buffer vessel

    Heat network plant room demand management is complex but with Altecnic's advice on diversity factors and the correct buffer vessel, optimal solutions can be achieved.

  • Metering

    Altecnic offer a complete range water meters, single and multi-jet type with wet and dry dial or liquid-filled sealed counter...