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The automatic water treatment unit, installed on the inlet pipe, is used to treat water in the closed circuits of heating and cooling systems. It consists of an upstream check valve, an electronic controller with positive displacement meter and electrical conductivity measuring cell, a by-pass regulator, a downstream ball shut-off valve and adjustable drain cocks and air vent. It can be set up with different types and sizes of cartridge, which means demineralisation or softening treatments can be performed in line with system requirements. It is complete with pre-formed shell insulation, bracket and anchors for wall mounting.
Grouped product items
Reference Name Size Connections
580020 Automatic Water Treatment Unit DN15 BSPT
580900 Automatic Water Treatment Unit 2.7ltr BSPT
580901 Automatic Water Treatment Unit 4.5ltr BSPT
580302 Automatic Water Treatment Unit 2.7ltr BSPT
580903 Automatic Water Treatment Unit 4.5ltr BSPT
580001 Automatic Water Treatment Unit n/a n/a
570923 Automatic Water Treatment Unit 12ltr n/a
570933 Automatic Water Treatment Unit 24ltr n/a
570917 Automatic Water Treatment Unit n/a n/a

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