Altecnic Robokit Compact Plus - Sealed System Kit Plumbing Supplies New

Robokit Compact Plus - Sealed System KitSealed Systems / Robokits

Altecnic have produced their own combination kit, the Robokit Compact Plus, which contains all the essential components required for a sealed system installation.

The Robokit Compact Plus is the easiest kit to install and comprises of:

• Safety relief valve complete and 15mm compression outlet connection
• WRAS Approved Filling Loop with braided hose
• Double check valve with integral ball isolating valve
• Isolating valve
• Pressure Gauge
• Assembly connector with five tappings for direct system connection via a 15mm nut and olive cone and connection for the expansion tank

Ref Size Datasheets Picking List
109-5008 8 Litre Download (PDF)
109-5009 10 Litre Download (PDF)
109-5010 12 Litre Download (PDF)