Introducing the Caleffi 5 Year Warranty from Altecnic

The same trusted products, now with a 5 year warranty

We have been supplying both commercial and domestic markets with high quality PRV’s for over 30 years and are so confident in our product quality that we are now introducing the Caleffi 5 Year Warranty.

Caleffi Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) are designed to cover domestic, semi-commercial and commercial applications ranging from 15mm to DN300.
Meeting the latest European standard and UK water supply requirements, our range of PRVs provide control under both dynamic and static flow conditions, depending on model.

Why do we need PRV’s?

Pressure reducing valves are installed in residential water systems to reduce and stabilise inlet pressures from mains water supplies or boosted water systems, which generally are too high and variable for domestic appliances to function correctly.

Altecnic PRV’s