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The DYNAMICAL® thermostatic radiator valves allows the automatic dynamic balancing and pressure-independent adjustment of the thermal medium in the radiators of two-pipe heating systems. The device, in conjunction with a thermostatic, electronic or thermo-electric controller, combines different functions into a single component. The use of dynamic thermostatic valves in combination with thermostatic control heads makes it possible to keep the ambient temperature constant, at the set value, in the room where they are installed, thus guaranteeing effective energy saving.
Grouped product items
Reference Name Size
105-1513 DYNAMICAL® - Twin Packs 1/2″
105-1532 DYNAMICAL® - Twin Packs (Straight) 15mm
105-1514 DYNAMICAL® - Twin Packs 1/2″
105-1533 DYNAMICAL® - Twin Packs (Angled) 15mm
105-2205 IRON Thermostatic Radiator Valve Twin Pack ¾″ Angled Twin Pack
105-2206 IRON Thermostatic Radiator Valve Twin Pack ¾″ Straight Twin Pack

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