Altecnic Twin disc check valve Plumbing Supplies

Twin disc check valveBackflow Prevention / Twin disc check valve

Designed to fit between PN16 flanges: BS EN 1092-2

Ref Size Body Temperature Datasheets Picking List
140-3001 DN50 Cast Iron Suitable for temperatures up to 120°C Download (PDF)
140-3002 DN65 Download (PDF)
141-3014 DN600 Download (PDF)
141-3003 DN80 Download (PDF)
141-3010 DN350 Download (PDF)
141-3009 DN300 Download (PDF)
141-3008 DN250 Download (PDF)
141-3007 DN200 Download (PDF)
141-3006 DN150 Download (PDF)
141-3005 DN125 Download (PDF)
141-3004 DN100 Download (PDF)
141-3013 DN500 Download (PDF)
141-3012 DN450 Download (PDF)
141-3011 DN400 Download (PDF)