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Reference Name Size Connections Fluid Category
BA-300030 Non-return valve 3/8″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300040 Non-return valve   F X F BSP 2
BA-300050 Non-return valve ¾″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300060 Non-return valve 1″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300070 Non-return valve 1¼″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300080 Non-return valve 1½″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300090 Non-return valve 2″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300100 Non-return valve 2½″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300110 Non-return valve 3″ F X F BSP 2
BA-300120 Non-return valve 4″ F X F BSP 2

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