Inox-pro stainless steel expansion vessels for potable water

Ref. no CapacityDimensionsDescriptionConnection
Zl-300016S/S 0.16 litre 86 x 122mmpolished finish ½"
Zl-300050S/S0.5 litre 94 x 166mm polished finish½"
Zl-300001.S/S1 litre 116 x 196mm polished finish½"
Zl-300016S/S.D0.16 litre 86 x 122mmdull finish½"
Zl-300050S/S.D0.5 litre 94 x 166mmdull finish½"
Zl-300012 12 litre234 x 238mm polished finish¾"
Zl-300118 18 litre274 x 361mm polished finish1"
Zl-322551 24 litre270 x 480mm polished finish1"
Zl-316160 60 litre (vertical)380 x 850mm polished finish1"
  • Capacity from 0.16 litres to 60 litres
  • Fixed diaphragm, suitable for temperatures up to 99°C
  • Max working pressure 10 bar
  • Testing pressure 15 bar
  • For use in aggressive water conditions